EDA Competitive Team

Competitive students train at least three times per week and compete in five competitions per year.  We normally atend 2 here in London, and travel for the other 3.

We hold auditions in June for existing and new students.  We don't only rely on auditions, but we believe students are auditioning every day! Teachers take into account their attendance, their commitment to practicing, their respect for other students and teachers, and their overall level of technique. There will be a mandatory dance intensive week in the summer (usually July) for all competitive students.


At EDA we offer our students the opportunity to dance competitively. We strongly believe in training all of our dancers to be well rounded dancers and encourage them to train in all styles.  The intention for the Competition Team is simple: to provide these dancers with opportunities beyond the four walls of their studio, to inspire, to motivate, to challenge, and to enrich each one of them. "Competition" is not just about winning as winning is the least important thing. It is about inspiring and striving to be the best you can be, developing lasting friendships and about sharing your passion.

It is our hope that our competitive students will realize that authentic success comes not only from reaching or exceeding their specific performance goals, but with the satisfaction of knowing they have done their best.

We’re big on supporting each other and make that an important goal for all of our dancers and parents!


In recreational dance, children learn the fundamentals of dance with other children in a relaxed atmosphere. There are no specific number of required classes. Students still learn the same material and are still recommended for exams. Learning is enhanced when children enjoy the classes and have fun first before concerning themselves competitive performance and achieving success at a dance competition.

There are benefits to enrolling your child in a competitive dance class if they’re right for that environment. Performing in front of an audience is an important part of dance and can help teach important life skills for your child. Recreational classes lay the foundation of proper dance technique and movement, and competitive dance provides opportunities to develop confidence in his/her dance skills. It allows students to explore and experience areas of dance outside of the studio which is so crucial for their growth and expanding their overall creativity.

Competitive Routines

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