January 26

5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Dance Studio


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Image result for thinking aboutSo  you’ve watched your upteenth season of So You Think You Can Dance and decide this is the year you are going to break out and become the next big dance star. Okay maybe that’s abit ambitious but you have either always wanted to take a dance class or used to dance and would love to take it up again, whatever the reason you’re ready to go so what’s the first step?

First, think about what you are looking for in your dance studio. Are you training to be a professional dancer? Are you trying to lose weight? Are you dancing for fun? This will in turn affect how much you are willing to pay, if the schedule and location will work for you; then you can start to look for a studio that specializes in the type and form of dancing that you are most interested in.

Then look for a studio that has a teaching philosophy that matches. Different studios have different focuses, and it’s important to find a studio with values that align with those of you and/or your family.  Some studios set their first priority at competitive success, others with training professional ballerinas, others with providing an inclusive and positive environment.  You should get a feel for this based on the studio’s website and social media, speaking with the staff or instructors, and what you see in the building.  Your dance studio may become an important part of your/your child’s life – and it’s important to make sure it’s an environment you feel comfortable with and instructors and staff that you can trust.

Check out the qualifications of the teachers. Many excellent dancers do not make good teachers. Your teacher does not need to be a great dancer, but needs to be knowledgeable enough to be able to instruct people with different body-types, abilities, and learning styles.

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Check out the reviews online. Talk to friends that attend the studio to get the inside scoop.

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Try the studio out first. Most studios offer ‘open classes’ and trial passes but even better look for short-term options with multiple sessions such as dance cards or 5+ day trial events as you won’t really be able to judge whether you like or dislike the studio until you/your child has taken a few classes with a few different teachers.

Once you’ve settled into your new dance home, enjoy!


Elan Dance Arts (EDA) offers dancers a new level of dance training through programs that are not offered anywhere else in the city. Starting from ages 2.5 to adults whether it’s for certified examinations or simply for health, fun and recreation, we’re the studio for you! EDA is the only ADAPT certified studio in the SouthWestern Ontario area. We specialize in educating students using the distinguished Associated Dance Arts for Professional Teachers (ADAPT) syllabus created by Brian Foley, one of Canada’s most renowned dance teachers, directors and choreographers. ADAPT offers yearly examinations in the dance disciplines of Tap and Jazz. The syllabus teaches a strong solid technical foundation, along with artistic expression preparing students to enter the dance profession. At EDA we strongly believe that Dance as an art form is one of the most beautiful and exciting experiences one can have in life. We are highly devoted and dedicated to the process of the development and popularization of dance activities among people of all ages. We are also fully committed to providing our students with the highest level of education.



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