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I’ve Got Nothing to Wear! – Dance Wear Advice for Adult Recreation Dance Students


Believe it or not, you probably have almost everything you need for dance class already in your closet!

With the exception of footwear, dance wear for adults beginner recreation classes generally follows one cardinal rule: COMFORT all the way!

The ideal clothes to dance in should give you a full range of movement but be fitted sufficiently that you almost don’t notice them. So stay away from too tight (ie. irritate you, have to be picked out of places where they shouldn’t be or rearranged every few minutes) or too loose (ie. too long, baggy, a general tripping hazard).

For the vast majority of time, leggings worn with a tshirt are absolutely fine.

Ballet Class for Beginners Shoes and Clothes

For most traditional forms of dance, confirm studio dress code in your dancer handbook first but if you forget consider that what you wear on your legs should allow the teacher to see the line of your leg.

For non-traditional forms such as Hip Hop or Breakdance, clothes that help you to get into the ‘essence’ of the dance style can be both fun and functional. Bring out your inner swag!!

Hip Hop ance Sneakers

Dance Shoes for Adults

Traditional classes (ie. tap, ballet, pointe) usually have specific footwear requirements, non traditional ones usually you’re okay with a sneaker. Check with the studio to confirm generic sneaker versus jazz sneaker or something else.

Bare feet for lyrical/contemporary and if you forget shoes is always an option.

The most important thing to note about footwear for any class, any dancer at any studio – INDOOR SHOES ONLY!! So many reasons but for the purpose of this post, let’s just say wear and tear is minimized when the shoe is worn for it’s intended purpose only. Save those shoes y’all!


Be very careful about dance clothes and shoe sizing. Much of the time like with most things, the sizing will be slightly different from what you are used to for regular clothing and footwear.

The best thing to do is either:

-Buy your dancewear in person at a store and try EVERYTHING

-Before ordering online, ALWAYS read the sizing guidelines! Take all personal measurements and if buying from a third party selling site (ie. Amazon), read the comments and reviews especially around sizing recommendations.

A few final tips … 

Colours – Avoid Grey. When you first put it on, it’ll look sensational. But beware. It shows up sweat marks like no other fabric!  And your sweat marks are probably going to be in places that you’d prefer the eye not to be drawn to;)

Hair – If applicable long hair should be worn pinned up and out of the way so you can see the teacher.

Accessories – If you wear glasses make sure they are firmly fitted in place. Wear minimum, if any, jewelry for safety sake.

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Elan Dance Arts (EDA) offers dancers a new level of dance training through programs that are not offered anywhere else in the city.
Starting from ages 2.5 to adults whether it’s for certified examinations or simply for health, fun and recreation, we’re the studio for you! EDA is the only ADAPT certified studio in the SouthWestern Ontario area.
We specialize in educating students using the distinguished Associated Dance Arts for Professional Teachers (ADAPT) syllabus created by Brian Foley, one of Canada’s most renowned dance teachers, directors and choreographers. ADAPT offers yearly examinations in the dance disciplines of Tap and Jazz.
The syllabus teaches a strong solid technical foundation, along with artistic expression preparing students to enter the dance profession.
At EDA we strongly believe that Dance as an art form is one of the most beautiful and exciting experiences one can have in life.
We are highly devoted and dedicated to the process of the development and popularization of dance activities among people of all ages. We are also fully committed to providing our students with the highest level of education.


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