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Biggest Selection Of Dance Styles In Ontario!

Whether you're looking for ballet, hip hop, jazz, tap, break dancing, lyrical, modern, and much more, you'll find something that you like here!

Ballet Programs :

Ages : 7 and up

Our ballet classes are open classes. They are not limited to one syllabus, but offer our dancers the opportunity to learn several different styles. This gives them a much broader understanding of ballet and a higher appreciation for the style. There are elements from Cecchetti, Vaganova and R.A.D. This method of teaching allows the dancers to be much more well versed in ballet. We are still qualified and able to train and enter dancers into exams.

Our Ballet Director is Marq Frerich and is a professional ballet instructor who trained and also teaches at Canada’s National Ballet School.

Jazz & Tap :

Ages : 7 and up

Jazz and Tap classes are based on Brian Foley’s ADAPT syllabus, which produces very well-trained dancers who excel in technique, performance and show excellent results in competitions.
ADAPT stands for: “Associated Dance Arts for Professional Teachers”. It is a certified dance syllabus which offers yearly examinations in the dance disciplines of Tap, Jazz, and Ballet. This system is taught by more than one hundred highly qualified dance teachers throughout Canada.
Jazz dance incorporates stylized dance moves and dynamic steps such as jumps, turns, and kicks. Jazz is a very high-energy class that teaches students essential dance skills including body coordination, flexibility and self-expression. As students develop as dancers, ballet technique becomes an important supplement to Jazz training.
This is a fun and popular class for dancers; boys or girls! It’s like drumming with your feet. Tap dancing is an energetic dance style where students learn rhythm, style and technique through percussive footwork. Tap develops strong coordination and a sense of timing and musicality.

Breakin’ (Breakdancing) Programs :

Ages : 5 and up

Breakin’ is the original dance of hip hop which is popularly known as “breakdancing”. It consists of toprock, footwork, power moves and freezes. Breakin’ came from Bronx, NY and has spawned b-boys and b-girls all around the world. The term “b-boy and b-girl” was created by the God Father of hip hop DJ Kool Herc who was spinning music at block parties in the Bronx. B-Boy means break boy and they were called so because they dance to the break part of music.
Our Break Director is Lee “Lethal” Pham and is a professional B-boy based out of Toronto’s world famous Supernaturalz Crew.

Hip Hop :

Ages : 7 and up

An exciting and hard hitting class filled with the latest popular dance steps and music. Hip Hop is an umbrella term as there are many styles and techniques of Hip Hop such as locking, funk, krump, house, and whacking. Students will get a taste of several styles and be able to use basic steps to create explosive Hip Hop moves and find their own unique style as a Hip Hop dancer. All of these elements make the dance exciting, energetic and inspiring.

Acro & Tumbling :

Ages : 4 and up

Acro dance is a style of dance that combines classical dance technique with precision acrobatic elements that are found in gymnastics. Our acro dancers can be seen using anything from handstands, cartwheels, rolls and handspring; to aerials, and flips! Acro is defined by its athletic character and its unique choreography which seamlessly blends dance and acrobatics. Starts from Age 4.
Tumbling class focusses on higher power skills. It teaches students gymnastics skills involving strength and power. Students will learn flipping, handsprings, aerials, and other power moves. Students can only take tumbling if they are also taking acro or have acro experience. Starts from Age 7

Musical Theatre :

Ages : 7 and up

Want be a triple threat? Musical theater dance is the study of Broadway dance and dance styles. It allows the students to get the chance to act, sing and dance at the same time! Young students as well as teens and adults learn choreography from selected musicals, such as “High School Musical”, “Hair Spray”, “Glee”, “Legally Blonde”, and many more.

Lyrical / Contemporary :

Ages : 7 and up

This class is a freer, more expressive and grounded style of movement that uses proper technique to its advantage. This class lifts the restriction from Ballet and has its own technique within it. Contemporary and Lyrical explore the possibilities of human movement and the use of space; up-down, left-right, contraction-release, fall-recover; strengthening the dancer both mentally and physically. The students will be taught to express emotion physically through dance.