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Multiple Classes – How to Build Your Strength as a Dancer


Image result for one ballet one sneakerDancers who are taking a full hour of one style can start seeing big improvements in strength, muscle memory and strong technique by taking dance class at least twice per week.
And moreover, taking more than one dance style allows dancers to enjoy the benefits of both dance styles and develop comprehensive dancing skills at the same time.
Here are 4 more reasons why taking more than one class/style a week is a great idea!
1. Variety is Key
While your child may be enrolled in a hip hop dance class right now, he or she may have friends who are enrolled in other classes and and become interested in styles outside of the class that he or she is taking. Letting your child try a wide variety of dance styles will allow them to explore their full potential.
2. Prepare For the Future
If your child is expressing an interest in dance that could continue well into his or her future, enrolling your child in multiple classes can help get him or her to the next level. If your child is in middle or high school and is considering a future as a professional dancer, having skills and training in a wide variety of dance styles will be beneficial in that it will allow him or her to develop and pick up new skills much quicker than others and give them an edge.
Image result for favourite dance style3. Figure Out Their Strengths.
Being a skilled dancer takes work and dedication. Just because someone is skilled at ballet doesn’t necessarily mean that they are equally as skilled at hip hop and vice versa. Taking multiple dance classes, will allow your child the opportunity to better determine what his or her strengths are. And of course to be honest, he or she may very well find one style more enjoyable over the other.  The only way to find out is to take as many dance classes as possible, to help them decide which one(s) he or she enjoys the most!
Image result for different dance styles4. Practice Is Always Beneficial
You know the old adage, “Practice makes perfect!” totally applies here.  While your dancer may especially excel in one particular style, the practice he or she gets from practicing that one style may come in handy when doing another. Furthermore, studying multiple styles of dance will keep your child in shape and always on top of whatever new lessons that he or she is learning.
Botom line is that your dancer needs to LOVE dance, no matter what class they choose.

So once as your dancer is growing in their love of dance, here are some guidelines when selecting classes:

1. Core Subjects: Ballet, Tap and Jazz Technique are classes that help to build your child’s dance foundation from a young age.

2. Core Building Classes: Stretching and conditioning, Acro  focus on expanding and enhancing your dancer’s skills and enjoyment of dance.

Image result for dance feet
3. Elective Classes: These include lyrical/contemporary, musical theatre, hip hop etc. It’s not unheard of for a child to start with an elective but it has been observed that it can be abit of a challenge to pick up core subject technique if elective classes are taken first. 

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Elan Dance Arts (EDA) offers dancers a new level of dance training through programs that are not offered anywhere else in the city. Starting from ages 2.5 to adults whether it’s for certified examinations or simply for health, fun and recreation, we’re the studio for you! EDA is the only ADAPT certified studio in the SouthWestern Ontario area. 
We aim to:
  • To provide classes for recreational students of all ages that are both challenging and enjoyable with the end being an overall improvement of coordination, flexibility, posture, confidence, and musicality.
  • To offer the best quality of training by following an appropriate syllabus that produces results and hiring qualified instructors to generate those results.
  • To offer the opportunity for students to take important examinations in order to progress to a professional level as either a dancer or a teacher
  • Most importantly to strongly encourage every single one of our students to become the best that they can be within our learning institution!!


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