January 11

Tips for a Successful Dance Year


Whether your child starts in September or January, the tips below will help you parents have the best dance year ever!! Yes, parents are just as involved in dance as their kids are and we want you to enjoy yourselves as well.


Arrive on Time – It happens – traffic, parking, late start – but no child likes to be the one that everybody stops and stares at as they sneak their way into class so make sure that you are always a few minutes early for class. This gives your dancer time to get settled, get prepared for class, go tot he bathroom and catch up with their dance friends. Most important though, being early means parents you’ll get a comfy chair in the waiting room!



Ask Questions – Ask us, ask your dancer, be interested and invested in their dancing adn – we hope – the place they call “home” for a few hours a week. Try asking some of these questions: What music did you dance to today? Did you learn a new move today? Can you show me? Were your dance friends in class today?




Enjoy some “quiet” time – The door to their classroom closes behind your child and now what? Woohoo, no adulting for an hour! Take some time to yourself. Bring a book, talk to other parents. Take advantage of the studio wi-fi and check in on Facebook or hit up Pinterest for your next delicious meal idea. But as far as supervising your dancer? You’re good for the hour, enjoy!



Stay Informed – Check out the calendar and lobby TV highlighting all things great about the studio. Every family receives a monthly newsletter but if you can’t get to your email you can always check out our Facebook and Instagram pages. You don’t want to miss out on the fun planned at the studio. Nothing worse than getting to the studio in your dance gear and realizing it was PJ day and you totally could’ve rocked your class in your comfies!!! 



Dress Code – The saying, “Dress for the job you want” starts early in the dance world. Coming to class dressed ready to dance allows your dancer an opportunity to feel what iti is like to be a professional dancer. Give your dancer’s dress code items exclusivity in their wardrobe. Ensure that they only wear them for class and maybe even give them a special spot like a drawer or section of the closet strictly for dance gear. The more special and exciting you make their dance clothes, the more excited they will be to wear them!


Rock the Routine –  Unless you’ve got a stylist and a limo driver, getting ready for class, driving to the studio, waiting for class and then driving home from the studio can seem daunting, boring and dare we say, a CHORE?! Ugh, no one likes chores so find a way to kick start that ‘boring’ routine into a fun ritual with some fun ideas like creating a special playlist for the car, bring healthy snacks special just for dance nights and when your at the studio “check in” online to let people know you are the parent of a dance superstar.




Elan Dance Arts (EDA) offers dancers a new level of dance training through programs that are not offered anywhere else in the city. Starting from ages 2.5 to adults whether it’s for certified examinations or simply for health, fun and recreation, we’re the studio for you! EDA is the only ADAPT certified studio in the SouthWestern Ontario area. We specialize in educating students using the distinguished Associated Dance Arts for Professional Teachers (ADAPT) syllabus created by Brian Foley, one of Canada’s most renowned dance teachers, directors and choreographers. ADAPT offers yearly examinations in the dance disciplines of Tap and Jazz. The syllabus teaches a strong solid technical foundation, along with artistic expression preparing students to enter the dance profession. At EDA we strongly believe that Dance as an art form is one of the most beautiful and exciting experiences one can have in life. We are highly devoted and dedicated to the process of the development and popularization of dance activities among people of all ages. We are also fully committed to providing our students with the highest level of education.


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